I have struggled to write this page.  

So I started to look up “How to write a good landing page” – I am a science person, there must be a guide, a formula or some tips on how to do that perfectly. 

  • Marketing books tell me I need to find my niche and direct my landing page to my ideal client.   
  • Guides tell me I must present a solution to your problem 
  • Websites tell me to offer something for free, so you see a value in visiting my page and then I can direct my sales in e-mails to you afterwards 
  • And I am to keep it short and catchy. 

None of these work for me. Because coaching is about you, not me. 

What I want to know is: Why are you here? I am assuming you are looking for a coach, I am very clear on what I am working as. And I would much rather hear from you, what it is that you want to achieve with your coaching, why coaching speaks to you and what you are puzzling about. 

Therefore, I encourage you to book a discovery call with me, so we can talk together. This call is not about selling to you, it is for you to discover if coaching is for you and if I might be the right coach for you.  

I will of course be happy if you choose to work with me. It is my work, I do love it and I believe I am good at it. 

Photo by Hannah Evett Beyrich

My coachees are 22 to 71 years old, males and females alike, from various cultures and backgrounds. They wanted to change their careers, have worked on a balanced family life, gained confidence or worked on their anger management. And I have coached them all and with good feedback. The thing they all had in common, is that they wanted to change something in their lives. 

I will not present a solution to your problem, because that is exactly not what coaching is. Coaching is that you find the solution that works for you. I help you to reflect on your dilemma, so you can find your approach and then take the steps you consider helpful in solving your puzzle.  

Coaching can be a transformation of your life. This is something that I have chosen to do myself. Or it can help you to appreciate the life you already have. 

I do not want to trick you into giving me your e-mail address, so I can send you sales e-mails afterwards. If I want to sell you something, I will be very clear about that.  

If you have read so far, you now know that keeping it short does not work that well for me either. And you are a curious person. So, book a call and let us get to know each other.  

PS: Want more information up front? Here are some FAQs and answers. 

Daisy challenged me to face my limiting beliefs, and how my behaviour could contradict my core values. She helped me find ways to overcome these limitations.

She also helped me find power and joy through resting, through reframing difficult situations, and through leaning into what I want to do rather than what I (think I) need to do.

– N.K. in 2021