My transformation

My transformation into a life of my values 

In 2017 I got the opportunity to take a stationary position with the company I worked at and took it right away, because I had always dreamt of experiencing a different culture, so in 2018 in moved to Berlin. 

This was my first value – Experience of different cultures  

Picture by Hannah Beyrich

At that point I had worked in corporate life for 20 years and started to realize that I wanted a different way of living, other than a 9 to 7 job on weekdays. Not because I was unhappy with my work in science, but because I over time realized that having the power to influence, when to work together with having more freedom in where to work from, was a value for me. So, I began to think of other career choices that would give me the freedom I longed for.  

This was my second value – Freedom to decide when to work and from where 

Having a call with by buddy coach during my coach training from a cliff in Spain

At first, I wanted to go back to university, both because I loved learning new skills and, because I was limited in my belief, that I needed to build on my current career. So, I investigated add-ons to my skills and found data science. I had already done some data science at my current work; I like sorting data and found the programming an interesting puzzle. It would also give me the opportunity to work remote with a connection to the internet. Therefore, I stated a course in data science and quite quickly found out that it was not me. As much as I liked data, sitting alone all day, working on a computer, were not the freedom I was seeking.  

And I felt lost, because I thought that I had found the solution and then it felt all wrong. I had the paper ready to send to the university for application and could be accepted without problems. Still, I did not send them. Then I by change, got the opportunity to be coached and the coach asked me – what are you afraid off, regarding sending the letters. And I released, that I was afraid of making a mistake with my life. To choose something, that would give me the freedom, but not the joy in work, which was one of the reasons, why I had stayed in corporate life so long. Because I had joy with my work.   

This was my third value – Having joy in work 

Morning coffee while living the van-life

Therefore, I looked into, besides the science part, what had I enjoyed working with in the part. And it was mentoring, teaching and training. I already knew that I did not want to work as a teacher, I do not believe I have the right mindset for that. So, I decided to take a break from applying and do it the year after. Using the time, to find out that was right for me.    

But I was also intrigued by, what the coach managed to open up for me, with one session, so I started to look on coaching trainings. Thinking it would help me become clearer on what I wanted, and it could be a good side job. I found one that offered transformative coaching training and the idea of using different scientific tools to see limiting believes, blockers and stories we tell ourselves, sounded so interesting, that I signed up. And with the first block of the training, I just knew, that this is what I wanted to do. With this I can bring value to other people, I can have joy in my work and have the freedom to work from anywhere. 

This was my fourth value – bring value to people with my work 

So now I can bring value to other people, I can have joy in my work and have the freedom to work when I want from anywhere letting me experience different cultures. And thereby living my life according to my values. 

What I do with my transformative coaching is helping you to live accordingly to your values.