Individual Coaching

Transformative coaching

I offer a transformative coaching process. Together, we will work on a goal you chose which is important for you to achieve in your life. This process will run during a certain number of sessions – my coachees usually have great success within 5 sessions, but together we will find the right amount for you, your process and your goal. Together we will find the intervals that are working for your process and your timeline.   

We will work online exclusively, either over video call or telephone. Doing so will offer both of us a flexibility in the process, meaning that we do not have to be within physical range of each other or have to agree on a location. Furthermore, this way I can easily offer coaching out of normal working hours.   

This is one of my values in life – I want to be able to work from anywhere to anywhere at any time. So far, I have worked with coachees in Europa, North America, Africa and Asian.   

Before we start our coaching process; we will have an initial call to ensure that we are a match for each other and the process. If one of us feels that we will not work well together, I can, if you want me to, refer you to other colleagues. 

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Visual board coaching 

Coaching with visual board is a method to engage the intuitive of the brain by using pictures a tool, were in normal coaching the analytical of the brain are more activated. It can be a great tool for seeing more opportunities for solving and getting clarity of a subject you have struggled/puzzled with over a longer period.  

The visual board coaching can be used with a clear objective for a single coaching session of 90 minutes to move forward afterwards with either a strategy for obtaining the objective or with a solution for the objective.  

The visual board coaching does require you are using a screen bigger than a mobile phone for the session.  

I can only recommend using the visual board as part of a coaching session. Combining a coaching session with the visual board fostered a new flow of thoughts and gave me new insights. Through coaching this inspired new actions. I was impressed by the experience and the potential it has to include the visual aspect. As a coach Daisy is dedicated, precise and to the point – she effective as she helps you see limiting beliefs and how these can be overcome. 

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