Creative tools for personal development

Draw your heart – Using creative tools for personal development 

A two-hour group workshop, with optional coaching session afterwards for a more profound anchoring of the recognition obtained. 

Read more and sign up on Eventbrite for the 23rd of October either 10AM CET or 6PM CET

The Draw your heart Workshop was a new experience for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what would be expected of me! Daisy guided us lovingly through the exercise with thought provoking prompts and questions. She held the space as we journeyed deeper into the territory of our heart space. I gained some very valuable insights, and it was very helpful to share these with other members in the workshop and also hear their experiences. It was a very rich and deep experience and beautifully delivered by Daisy

Yvonne Flynn 2022
Photo by Thirdman

Team workshops

Communication – The good, the bad and the practice 

A day workshop for team and groups with science behind our conversations, how to strengthen your communication skills, the bad communication roles we all have and exercises for understanding and working on your communication skills. 

Booking and inquiry through e-mail. Prices depend on if you request the workshop online or in person and the number of participants. 

Or meet me in cooperation with others

I am also doing event and webinars in cooperation with others, if you wish to get information regarding upcoming events there is open for anyone to join, please sign up here.  

You can catch me on Balcconn 2k22 doing a Talk on communication

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