Here I share free tools for you to use for your personal development. No catch – I don’t need your email or anything else. Just download and get started. Of course I would love your feedback and hear if you found it valuable.

Wheel of life

Wheel of Life –

The Wheel of Life is a simple but powerful tool, that helps you to visualize all the important areas of your life at once. The wheel is making transparent to you, where you think you are doing well and where you want to improve. It is showing your state of affairs as you see them – giving you the opportunity to reflect on where and
why you are doing well, where you have opportunities for growth, and how to move forward.

Download Wheel of Life template

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Conversation card for couples

Need to find each other again? Want to come back to the deep conversations? Curious about their point of view?

This deck has question for you to read and answer together. The green ones are reflection questions, state of mind and values. The orange ones are about your relationship, your feelings, your thoughts and opinions.


  • Listen to the answer with an open mind
  • Do not interrupt
  • It is okay to disagree
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