I should

How often do you say or think that? I should clean my house. I should go for a run. I should call my mom. 

Does your ‘should’ give you the desire to do these things? Do you do them with joy? Or do they turn into something you just need to get done, to get it off your mind? 

The next time you discover a ‘should’, I invite you to stop and do this little exercise:  
Ask Why?  

Why should I do this? Is someone expecting me to do this? Will it make someone happy if I do this? Will it change something when I do this? Or any other reason why, the right one only you know. 

When you have found your why, I invite you to ask yourself: What it is giving me to do this? Will it make me happy? Will I like the change it creates. Again: only you know your answer.  

When you have found your reasons why and your gains, your ‘should’ will most probably have turned in to a wish for doing it. Because it is less effort to do something, if you understand your whys and what you gain. It can still be difficult to do it, but now you have your motivation for doing it, which comes from within yourself. And that is the strongest driver for the things we do. 

Image by David G Morgan

Ps. If you struggle finding your whys or personal gains, you can book me for a coaching, and I will help you to find them 😉

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