It is a hot pan or a cat?

I had a coaching session. The client had seen a certain behaviour in a person, they had previously seen in another person and was therefore worried that their experience with this new person would be the same as before. After talking about this behaviour, it became clear that the client had only seen it once,… Continue reading It is a hot pan or a cat?

October intentions

Here are my intentions for October  For an update on September jump to the bottom of this post  Getting booked for 30-minute Brain Food  Planning workshop on Wheel of Life  Go for co-working on Tuesdays  Hosting my sharing circle  Taking a holiday  I am offering workshops on communication and on how to use the Wheel… Continue reading October intentions

Positive week #1

Let start the weekend on a happy note, so what was good about last week for you?  For me it was;  Being guest speaker on Grit coaches talk show about communication, one of my favorite subjects  Having my “Draw your heart” workshop for the first time in person at Seeding freedom festival, arrange by Positive… Continue reading Positive week #1