June intentions  

New month, new intentions:  

  • Redesign my website  
  • Keep up with the running program  
  • Plan the rooms in the colony garden  
  • Learn how to edit videos  
  • Take time to be more creative  

I am not happy with the design of my website; it feels messy and not like me. Will take time in June to become clear on how I want it to be built and what is important for me to have on it.   

Have started running again and want to keep it up, so have blocked time in my calendar for it, so I know what days I am going to run. I am great at finding excuses for not running in the morning. The funny part is when I do get out, I do enjoy it, so need to make it easy for myself to get out.  

Last summer was spent planning the garden, this summer I would like it to feel more like a home inside. I am spending around 4 months there each year and even though most of the time outside, it would be good to have it feel like a home inside.  

I am having some edit tacks and can see that that is not my strong side yet. So, I will decide on which program to use and spend some time learning how to use it, instead of the trial-and-error approach.  

I love being creative – plaiting, drawing, papercuts, visual frameworks – you name it, I like it. But I do not take the time to do it. So, I want to focus on taking the time in June to be creative. Instead of watching a series, then use the time to do something creative. I know, I will feel better afterwards, as it is giving me more joy and inspiration, than just clearing my mind with a series. 

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