Positive week #1

Let start the weekend on a happy note, so what was good about last week for you? 

For me it was; 

  • Being guest speaker on Grit coaches talk show about communication, one of my favorite subjects 
  • Having my “Draw your heart” workshop for the first time in person at Seeding freedom festival, arrange by Positive Lab Berlin 
  • Meet for visual coffee with new connections on LinkedIn. Love talking with people about what they are passionate about
  • Fantasy filmfest are running in Berlin. Have already seen 3 new films. Can recommend Don’t worry Darling and Next Exit, Medusa Deluxe did not catch me
  • Speed coaching is up and running again and was good to participate again. Please join is your curious about what coaching can do
  • Had a great peer coaching session, that make me understand that I was pushing myself too hard 
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