Here are my intentions for September 

For an update on August jump to the bottom of this post 

  • Working on my brand design 
  • Hold my ‘Draw your heart’ workshop in person 
  • Finding more places where I can be a guest speaker 
  • Planting the autumn seeds in the garden 
  • Being more mindful of what I am signing up for 

I have had an amazing graphics designer working with my vision on my brand design and now it is ready. So, I am going to incorporate it into my website and social media, expect change all around. 

I have been booked for Seeding Freedom Festival to give my workshop “Draw your heart” and it will be the first time I am doing it not online, so I am excited to see how it works in person. 

Since I started as self-employed, one of the things I had to figure out, was how to promote myself. And being me, I started reading about marketing, seeing videos and participate in webinars. And I did start to implement some of things, but also found out that standard marketing does not work for me. I was unsure why it did not feel right, until I realised that for me, giving value is what drives me. So instead of having a ‘lead magnet’ what would try to get you to subscribe for an email list, I would rather share it without having you to subscribe. I believe, that if you find it valuable, you will contact me for further information. This also led to me thinking of other ways to share my knowledge and when I saw a request for a guest speaker on a podcast, I offered and found out, that this is something I really like. I can share what I am passionate about, and you can contact me if it resonates with you. Therefore, I am looking for more places to be a guest speaker. 

In the never-ending colony garden planning, September is the months to plant things for spring. I have not planned ahead with the garden before and that is also one of the reasons, why the garden has been quite some work this year. So, I am going to start being more consistent in my approach with the garden.  

With so many things being possible online, there are a lot of options for learning, connecting, and interacting. And as much as I do love the opportunities today, I have realised that I am signing up for too many things and instead of getting the pleasure from these opportunities, it is stressing me. I think it is a combination of FOMO and how easy it is to sign up. So, I am starting to think more carefully about what I am signing up for, also because I like to be present and engage in the things that I participate in and if I drown myself, that is not possible for me.  

Here is the follow up on my August intentions: 

Assessment tools blog post 

  • They are not posted yet but I have made progress in writing them and expect to post them over the next months. Also related to the point about sharing valuable things, I want to make the assessments available for you to do yourself. 

Stay on track with my PQ program  

  • This did not happen, I am unsure of why, but I am going to continue the program, as I find it valuable. 

Make some linocut prints 

  • Also did not start the printing, but have started the drawing part, so I am happy with the process  

Taking my theory driving licence exam 

  • Booked for September  

Getting my stickers around 

  • It is happing and it is fun finding places to put them 
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