What the life as a freelance and location independent coach has already given me

I’m the type of person who feels obligated to my employer, coworkers, partners and clients in my employment. I don’t see that as a bad thing, in fact I see it as one of my strengths, but it has also meant in the past, that I sometimes had put my feeling of obligation above my personal wish in the moment.

I have just booked a trip to Nice next week, to meet up with friends who are passing by and who I otherwise could not have seen this year, because we are living in different countries.
This I could do, because I can take care of my clients from anywhere, I don’t have an employer, who I feel is counting on me being present at the office and I don’t have any coworkers who would need to fill in for me with my responsibilities, while I’m away.

Could I have done it before? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t have felt good about it. I know that the limitation is one I put on myself, because I never really asked in past.

Now I feel great about knowing that I will not have to feel, I neglect my obligations to anyone and that I can make the choices that make me happy.

That’s what self-employed and being location independent is giving me.

Fun fact: I work with my coachees about limiting beliefs and support them in challenging those. That makes me aware of my own limiting beliefs – especially those that didn’t challenge. Like the one above.

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