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Sharing my intention of van-life and coaching last week, made me released I have not shared in depth, why location independent is important for me. 

Short answer: It is how I want to live my life, it is bringing joy and meaning to my life.  

Deeper answer: I never cared much about normal working hours. When I worked in research, I never minded working on evenings nor weekends, if it makes sense regarding the planning of the experiments. I also loved taking a day off when I felt like it. That was not always possible, both due to company policy and the rhythm of the working hours. 

This made me start to wonder about other ways of working already 6 years ago, but I was stuck with my beliefs on how it was possible to work in research with the flexibility I wanted. So, when I needed to rethink my career, one of the values, I wanted my new career to have, was the opportunity to work from anywhere.  

Coaching was not my first choice of career, as I have shared before. But then I found myself with a career, that spoke to me in a way, I could not have foreseen. Luckily, it also was a career, where being location independent not only gave value to me, but also to my coachees.  

As I am working online and across time zones, I can be available when it fits to my coachees schedules and by coaching online, my coachees can choose where they are taking the session, at work, from home, or from a beach.  

And for me? I can do the same. Travelling as I wish, I only must make sure that I have a stable Internet connection. 

What are you wishing for in your career, which you believe is not possible? And is it true, that it is not possible? 

Me relaxing after a coaching session on Majorca
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