Enjoying the everyday life

There is a Danish poet by the name Dan Turell who authored a poem called ’Hyldest til Hverdagen’ – tribute to everyday life. It is one of my favourite poems and something I try to practise.  

Especially, when I feel that the world becomes uncertain, it is something I remind myself to do. Seeing the joy in everyday life. The small things, that make me smile, give me a feeling of connection, or make me wonder in a good way. 

Things like. 

  • Having a purring cat on the lap 
  • A call from a friend  
  • Spotting a new piece of street art 
  • Finding a beautiful courtyard, I have not seen before  
  • My morning coffee on the balcony  
  • Doing all my running intervals  
  • A glass of fresh orange juice  
  • Seeing someone with great style on the street  
  • Reading an enjoyable book 

Which things are part of your everyday joy? And how do you remember to appreciate them? 

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  1. Dejlige bud – jeg holder også af hverdagen.

    Jeg elsker folk der smiler og hilser på buschafføren, nybrygget kaffe, synet af humlebier, unge drenge i flok der fjoller og drikker energidrik og minder mig om da jeg selv var 14, at genlæse Harry Potter for 10.000’ende gang og babyer der vinker fra klapvogne.

    1. Åh, Harry Potter. Dem har jeg også læst en million gange. Også glæden, når en ny bog udkom og man sad oppe hele natten for at læse den.

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