New month – new intentions 

February I will be on the road – back to van life and the intentions reflect that.  

  • Holding on to my morning routine  
  • Keeping the budget  
  • Meet-up with other digital nomad coaches   
  • Learning the tips and tricks of Canva  
  • Finnish workshop preparation   

I know that when I am living the van life, I have a hard time holding on to my routines and sometimes that is fine. Life is different when I am on the road. But my morning routine is clearing my head and giving me a good start to the day, and I would like to hold on to that.  

When I am travelling, I am using more money than usual, but this is not a holiday, it is a workcation and I am saving up for a course I would like to take in May and therefore spending more money than normally would jeopardise that. Also, this is a pattern I have discovered in myself, I would like to break and breaking a habit is sometimes easier when there is something at stake.  

I would love to meet up with other digital nomad coaches. I am only a part-time nomad and always looking for tips, stories, and experiences from people who have done this longer than me. I have asked in a couple of communities I am part of if anyone is in the same area and already have two meetings planned. But I would like to meet more people, so I am keeping my eyes open for opportunities.  

I have started using my brand design, mostly on presentations and Instagram but am still new to what I can do with Canva, so am planning to investigate some tutorials to learn more.  

I am booked for an online workshop on communication in February and have some changes I want to make to my mural. It is mostly clarification of some of the exercises and the theories, but I will need to set aside time to do it and I am quite booked, so I must prioritise this. 

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