I am intrigued

As I wrote in my post regarding establishing a new routine, I have taken up running again and have noticed an interesting thing about my mindset.

I run three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. And for some reason it is hard for me, to pull myself together on Saturdays. It is as if there is a weekend mentality there. And now you are, “but yeah, it is weekend”.

The thing is, since I left cooperate life and started as self-employed, I do not have weekends. I work location independent, when my coachee has the time for coaching and often that is offered outside of normal working hours. I still have days off, we all need to reload, just not on the weekend.
So why is there still the feeling of weekend with my running and not with my work?
I was thinking of setting my running days for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday instead, but now I am intrigued with this feeling and how long it will stay, so I am keeping to my original plan.

And while I run today, I am going to think about this puzzle and look forward to finding the reason for my feelings.

What are your feelings regarding weekends? Any other self-employed out there how do not follow normal working hours and still have a weekend feeling?

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