Embrace your flaws

Sometimes you get it wrong

Especially those you cannot change. 
I have dyslexia, and on a sidenote – why is the word for ‘trouble with pronouncing and spelling’ impossible to pronounce or spell?  

The last time that I was tested at my mid-twenties, I spelled like a 4th grader. I pronounce and spell words by memory, how I have heard others pronounce them and how I have seen the spelling, letter by letter. That also means, that once I have gotten the pronouncement or spelling wrong, it is ridiculously hard for me to change it. It takes time and effort each time.  

I was very aware of this – when I was younger, I always dreaded applying for a new job. First writing the application itself and then telling interviewers, that I would need special tools on my PC to perform my work. Luckily, I never had any unpleasant experience with any workplace and as I got great feedback on my work, my dyslexia became less of a concern for me. 

Now I embrace my dyslexia, I have tools and ask for help with written tasks and acknowledge, that when I interact with people in short messages, like on LinkedIn or Facebook, there will be spelling mistakes. Sometimes people ask for clarification or send me a “?”. And that is okay. I try to find others words. This is how I am. And sometimes, it turns out quite funny, like the time I asked for help with my hard dick (hard disk) in an online forum.  
And by embracing it, I have removed something that was a stress factor for me.  

Which flaws have you learned to embrace, or which are you working on? 

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