July intentions

(If you want to know how it went with May, jump to the bottom of this post. May and June melted together) 

  • Plan the workshop on communication that I am giving on MCH2022 
  • Take my CKA exam 
  • Finding my routine again 
  • Read one non-fiction book 
  • Get the Colony Garden in shape 

My workshop proposal on communication got accepted at MCH2022. I have previous given presentation on communication, but I want the workshop to be more interactive than a presentation, so I am looking through my toolkits to see which will make sense to include in the workshop. I recently discovered and tried some of the liberating structures and would love to include some of them. 

I have applied for my ACC accreditation with ICF and when they have approved my training and coaching hours, I can take the CKA exam and get my accreditation. So right now, I am just waiting, but hopefully I will be scheduled for the exam in July. 

As much as I love and enjoy the van-life, it also got me out of my routines. So now I am finding into them again. I have already taken up my writing appointment again with Happy Writing, it keeps me focused on the writing, both blog posts and other tasks where writing is a part of it. I have still to get into my morning journaling again. When I am doing it, it gives me a good reflection on the start of the day, and I am missing that. The running did not happen at all during van-life, so I am back to start. This one is the hardest one, as I have fallen into Rut principle, but it is good practice for my habits and routine program to experience it myself. 

I read a lot of fiction books for relaxation, but when I am searching for new knowledge, I chose scientific papers over books. And they are a great source, but they do not get as deep into the theory behind as a book and I have a long list of subjects and books I want to read. So, in July, I am going to pick one and immerse myself in knowledge.  

Having mostly enjoyed the lazy life in colony garden the last years and with travelling in the beginning of the season, the garden needs some work to get into shape again. The plan is made and now the work needs to be done. I am not a fan of gardening and find it boring and hard, but I have worked to put that attitude away. As I do enjoy spending the summer in the garden – and if I want to keep it, I need to maintain it. It took some time, to change my mindset, but now I am committed to the work.  

Follow up on May intentions

Combing van-life and coaching 

  • With 6 weeks on the road with the Van, I succeeded in combing van-life and coaching, so this was done. There were also some learnings along the way, but they will come in a separate post. 

Setting up my new program 

  • This did not happen., I have started to build the structure of it, but I am not ready to launch yet. But, I did set up my first workshop offer, have a look 

Engage in small talk 

  • This was easy in the UK, people are just more curious than in Berlin and I got to chat with different people. Also, when travel in a van, you just chat with others van-traveller when you meet them. 

Sketch more 

  • I did get to sketch, also I am working on sketches for my social media, so it was both a combination of free hand drawing and drawing with a purpose. 

Seeing Lyme Park 

  • I did and found out it is not called Lyme Park, but Chatsworth House. And it has a wonderful collection of modern art, so I ended up spending most of a day there.  
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