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I am offering a creative workshop on Eventbrite

Draw your heart – Using creative tools for personal development 

This is a creative workshop. With the help of guiding prompts you are going to create and explore your picture of your heart.  

By drawing what formed hills, valleys, and roads in your heart, you can see what emotions formed your heart and understand them clearer. This can help you to understand or begin an emotional transformation. 

There is no requirement for previous drawing experience or art skills. All you need is a blank piece of paper to draw on and something to colour with. Or material for collage. Of course, you can also create a digital image.  

We start the workshop with a little introduction and some instructions, then you have one hour of drawing. Afterwards there is opportunity to show and share – if you wish to.  

I am looking forward to exploring what shapes my heart and see yours. 

Find the workshop HERE

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