October intentions

Here are my intentions for October 

For an update on September jump to the bottom of this post 

  • Getting booked for 30-minute Brain Food 
  • Planning workshop on Wheel of Life 
  • Go for co-working on Tuesdays 
  • Hosting my sharing circle 
  • Taking a holiday 

I am offering workshops on communication and on how to use the Wheel of coaching for team assessments. For both I have made a condensed 30-minutes input – for people to get an idea of what it can give their team doing the workshop. I want to get out and share these 30-minute of Brain Food. 

I am using the Wheel of Life in my coaching when it is relevant for the coachee and have also made a template to use as a self-assessment tool. I shared this with a coaching community I am part of and got asked if I wanted to give a presentation of it. I believe more in the value of trying it out yourself than in hearing a presentation, so I will plan an interactive workshop on the Wheel of Life. 

When I am van travelling, I am going to a co-working space once a week, as the van does not have the optimal settings for working concentrated for an entire day. I have realised, that I also need that change in environment when I am in Berlin. Getting away from the easy distractions in my home and concentrate for a day. Therefore I am reaching out to other self-employed here in Berlin, to work together somewhere in a café on Tuesdays.  

I am hosting online sharing circles and it has been quiet over the summer, but now there is interest again. This is one of my favourite ways of providing room for thoughts and reflection, so I am looking forward to it.  

I am visiting my sister in Switzerland and normally when I am visiting family, I will have some appointments during the time. This time, I have blocked my calendar and will take the time to have a proper holiday.  

Here is the follow up on my September intentions: 

Working on my brand design 

  • Have started it, first template is in the new design. Curious? Have a look here 

Hold my ‘Draw your heart’ workshop in person 

  • It went great and I got valuable feedback 

Finding more places where I can be a guest speaker 

  • I am booked for 4 more podcasts, and I am grateful for the opportunities. Going to talk about van-life, facilitating introverts, being an expat and the struggles with starting as a self-employed 

Planting the autumn seeds in the garden 

  • There were too much other things that needed to be done, so no seeding this fall season yet. 

Being more mindful of what I am signing up for 

  • This has gone better, but there is still room for improvement 
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