A practical Christmas wish – to break a habit 

I use my phone to check time during the day. And as I often have 3 to 4 online meetings, coaching’s or meetups per day, that results in a good amount of times that I look. 
The problem is that when I have my phone in my hands, I also check news, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, emails and so on. And I often get caught in scrolling or jumping down a rabbit hole to check out something further. 
This is a habit I want to break. And yes, I don’t have notifications on, but still go there. 
So, on my Christmas wish list is a table clock to put on my desk, so I can just look up and see when I need to get ready. 
Because sometimes when breaking a habit, you need something to replace it with and I hope that not having to use my phone for checking the time will help me break this one. 

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