Thank you to my previous partners  

The other day I brought paper tissues, and without thinking I picked those that can go in the washing machine without dissolving. 

I did that, because of a previous partner – they always left them in their trouser pockets, and I got tired of removing paper bits from my clean clothes. 

This made me think about what we bring along with us from our old relationships. Because no matter how the relationship ended, there were good things and some of them you bring along with you. 

So, thank you to my previous partners – you showed me; 
– The joy of boardgame nights with friends 
– The value of being a good neighbour 
– That travel with your parents as an adult lets you see them in a new way 
– That there are different ways of living I did not know before 
– The gift of having friends who have known you from childhood 
– Insights into other career choices than mine 
– How family life is in a small family 

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