Thank you to my previous partners  

The other day I brought paper tissues, and without thinking I picked those that can go in the washing machine without dissolving.  I did that, because of a previous partner – they always left them in their trouser pockets, and I got tired of removing paper bits from my clean clothes.  This made me think… Continue reading Thank you to my previous partners  

Here are my intentions for September 

For an update on August jump to the bottom of this post  Working on my brand design  Hold my ‘Draw your heart’ workshop in person  Finding more places where I can be a guest speaker  Planting the autumn seeds in the garden  Being more mindful of what I am signing up for  I have had… Continue reading Here are my intentions for September 

Embrace your flaws

Sometimes you get it wrong

Especially those you cannot change. I have dyslexia, and on a sidenote – why is the word for ‘trouble with pronouncing and spelling’ impossible to pronounce or spell?   The last time that I was tested at my mid-twenties, I spelled like a 4th grader. I pronounce and spell words by memory, how I have heard others… Continue reading Embrace your flaws