Re-framing can be a powerful tool

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I had a coaching session with a coachee who was really stuck in the way, that he could not see WHERE he wanted to be in two years. Previously in his life, he had always had a clear career path now he wanted to change career and could not see, where he would like to be in two years.  

I asked him, if it was okay for me to reframe that question and after he accepted, I asked “WHO do you want to be in 2 years” and suddenly the talk and reflection were flowing. And he realised, that where was not important, if he was the person he wanted to be.  

So, changing the focus with reframing that question, removed the block and with a different focus, it was still possible to see the future.  

So, when you feel stuck in your mind, try to see if you can re-frame your thoughts and, in that way, find your flow.  

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