February intentions

In February I will

  • Visit a new museum in Berlin
  • Work on my mindset regarding money
  • Keep up the routine with swimming and running
  • Setup my workshop
  • Act more actively on my 100 strangers project
Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

I have lived in Berlin for 4 years now and there are still a lot of museums I have not visited, although I wish to. So I am going to make an effort to do so – and also with mostly rainy and cold weather it is perfect to spend the time inside a museum.

I have a peer-coaching engagement starting in February and I want to use it working on my money mindset. I am stressing myself with being too focused on the amount on my account. Some of it is caused by working as an employee for many years and therefor I was used to getting a fixed amount of income each month, which made long-term planning easy for me. Now being self-employed, I am not guaranteed a fixed income each month and that does require a mindset change for me. And I can see, that it is hard for me to do this by myself.

January went well with incorporating my new routine of swimming and running regularly, so want to hold on to it.

I ran my first workshop as a coach in January with a coaching academic, where I knew in advance that there was interest in that workshop. In February, I want to set it up for open participation. It builds beyond my coaching training, incorporating tools I have learned elsewhere and putting it together in a way I have developed, so I am exited and a little nervous about it.

I have acted on my 100 strangers project in January, but mostly chosen situations that encourage speaking with strangers, like taking part in a meet-up. In February I want to take it a step further and talk to a stranger that is reading a interesting book at the cafe or doing something like that.

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