Seeing the things that are happening   

Anyone who has started to work self-employed knows, that it is a slow start. You do not go from zero contacts, inquiries or signed contracts to 100 within a month, not even 10.  

And it can feel hard at the beginning, when you are putting a lot of energy and challenging work in, to get your business up and running.   

And when you are spending your time and focus on getting something up and running, sometimes you miss the progress that is happing.  

So, I have made a board, where I collect the successes, that I have had in my business;  

  • Sending my first invoice   
  • Selling my first coaching package   
  • Getting my first referral coaches  
  • First workshop booking
  • Etc  

Because I do need the reminder, that I am making progress. People do want me to coach them, previous coachees are telling about me and their progress, and I am building a business now. It is a marathon, not a sprint. 

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