My tips for working during van-life  

By the end of this week, I will be back to van life for about 2 and a half months. I have now done this a couple of times, and here are some tricks that help me be productive:  

Schedule online presence in blocks. This one is easy for me, as my coaching sessions are booked through a calendar link, where I control the time blocks it is possible to book me. This makes it easier for me to find a stable internet connection and a place suitable for coaching. I will typically have my session from the van or in nature close to where the van is parked.  

Have one day a week in a co-working space. This gives me a quiet space to work, proper sitting arrangement and reliable internet.  

Noise-cancellation headphones for working in cafes so that I can concentrate. And a side note on the café working: I try to avoid peak hours, both because of the noise and because I do not want to block a table, where the owner can make more money on another guest than me.  

Public libraries. Great space for quiet work and often they have free Wi-Fi. And some even have small study cubicles you can book for free.  

And most importantly, tell my clients and collaborators that I am on the road. So, if I am not responding as fast as normal or am not logging on to a planned meeting, they know why. 

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