Creative workshop

I am offering a creative workshop on Eventbrite Draw your heart – Using creative tools for personal development  This is a creative workshop. With the help of guiding prompts you are going to create and explore your picture of your heart.   By drawing what formed hills, valleys, and roads in your heart, you can see… Continue reading Creative workshop

Re-framing can be a powerful tool

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I had a coaching session with a coachee who was really stuck in the way, that he could not see WHERE he wanted to be in two years. Previously in his life, he had always had a clear career path now he wanted to change career and could not see, where he would like to… Continue reading Re-framing can be a powerful tool

When are you successful?

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Since I stared to work as an independent coach, my inbox has been full of invitations for joining programs. They often promise me to “make 10K a month”, if I just buy their advice and follow their program. Needless to say, I do not buy into any of those, but they do provide me with… Continue reading When are you successful?

Show up as you are, also as coach

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If you book my morning session for coaching with me on Tuesday or Thursday, you will probably see me in my running clothes. I run those mornings and depending on how long the run was or my shape that day, I will not have had the time for a shower before our session. So, I… Continue reading Show up as you are, also as coach

Why location independent

Sharing my intention of van-life and coaching last week, made me released I have not shared in depth, why location independent is important for me.  Short answer: It is how I want to live my life, it is bringing joy and meaning to my life.   Deeper answer: I never cared much about normal working hours.… Continue reading Why location independent

May intentions

(If you want to know how it went with March, jump to the bottom of this post. April’s intentions got lost in my overall busyness)  New month, new intentions:  Combing van-life and coaching  Setting up my new program  Engage in small talk  Sketch more  Seeing Lyme Park  I will be travelling in the UK during… Continue reading May intentions

March intentions

(If you want to know how it went with February, jump to the bottom of this post)  New month, new intentions:  Prepare for 3 workshops I’m holding with InterNation regarding communication  Take another day hike in Berlin’s surroundings  Finding a right meetup for me  Rebrand my website  Dressing in all the colours in the world … Continue reading March intentions